Sunday, October 9, 2011

"Mike! Check, please!"

Robert's Rules of (the New World) Order

1. Repeat after me. ... No, I mean literally. When I say something, you all repeat it in unison so we can speak as one. Always.

2. Do not clap. To signal approval, make "jazz hands." That way we can hear each other speaking as one.

3. If you try to speak ... out of order ... without enough pauses ... for us to chant ... your words in unison ... we will drown you out ... with the phrase "Mic Check!"

4. Do not allow any action, comment or thought that has not been approved by concensus.

5. Never raise someone's value above the value of anyone else in the assembly by allowing him to address us unilaterally, even if we did invite that person to speak.

Repeat after me ...

I can't decide if the "Occupy Wall Street" movie should be directed by George Romero or Terry Gilliam. A must watch: .

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