Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Put Up Your Dukes Show!*

*With apologies to Patty Duke, Sid Ramin, Robert Wells, Jim Fixx and Rosie Ruiz
** Hey, kids! For even more fun, play the theme as you read along!

Whaddya mean the subway's
flooded??!! I wanna run
the marathon!!

Meet Connor who’s run most marathons, 
from Crater Lake to Saskatchewan.  
But Vinnie’s only run the lights from Flatbush Ave. to Brooklyn Heights.
Yeah, you know it’s on.

Yes, they’re fighting! 
Disputing the New York Marathon.
Connor wants to run his race now. 
Vin just wants the power on.

While Connor repeats his old refrain 
‘bout what he’s spent, how hard he’s trained,
Vinnie’s only thought it seems is where to find some gasoline.           
No wonder nerves are strained.

Yes, they’re fighting. 
A fight over "rescue work" or “fun”
They bitch a lot
about the race
but only Vinnie’s got a case.
And he's got a gun
So Connor will still get to run!

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