Friday, February 15, 2013

Learning the Grammar Commandments from Moses Stone

"I got your verb."
Apparently the thought of going press-release free didn’t sit well with everyone. Understandable. I didn’t shave my head until long after succumbing to male-pattern-bird’s-nest. We all process change at our own rate.

So for those of you who aren’t ready to put down the ducky, DMcD is offering the occasional tutorial on how to get the most from your press release. Today’s lesson: Proofreading.

Moses Stone, the self-described star of NBC’s “The Voice,” knows how to grab eyeballs with a press release. In his lede, he described himself as “electrifying” and “stunning,” possessing “an unmatchable persona” and “dynamic stage presence.” The only thing he lacked, apparently, is a good proofreader. His dazzling self-tribute didn’t have a verb. So even though his lede got us all revved up, he never put the release in gear.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE // Known for his electrifying and stunning performances at NBC’s hit TV show “The Voice: Season 2″ (2012) where Moses Stone entertained millions of viewers nationwide with his unmatchable persona and dynamic stage presence, gained him the respect from music fans and worldwide superstar Christina Aguilera, who picked Moses for her team.

Not all sentences demand verbs. But all press-release ledes do. To avoid pulling a Moses Stone, always have someone proofread your release before you hit send.

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