Wednesday, July 2, 2014

What's IN and what's OUT in the Interactive Age

"I now command all of you
to ignore me henceforth."
The 20th century was the Golden Age of managed messaging. Media moguls, corporate executives, and elected officials controlled and monopolized virtually every aspect of mass communication. But the Internet flipped that model on its head, and now we—the former “target demographic” of the Information Age—are calling the shots.

The transition from the Information Age to the Interactive Age has been so swift and so decisive that you can almost hear cigars exploding in board rooms around the globe as the former Masters of the Universe frantically apply 20th century solutions to 21st century challenges.

To help you avoid their fate, we’ve gathered a handy list of what’s IN and what’s OUT in the Interactive Age.

OUT:   The Big Three TV Networks  
IN:    Infinite free online networks                

OUT:   Zero-sum game
IN:    Givers Gain

OUT:   Mass marketing
IN:    Mass Relevance

OUT:   Watching your favorite show         
IN:    Producing your favorite show

OUT:   Press event
IN:    Event marketing

OUT:   Pander
IN:    Candor

OUT:   Paid advertising
IN:    Free advice

OUT:   Stuffing envelopes with newsletters
IN:    Pushing the envelope with content

OUT:   Infomercials
IN:    Information

OUT:   Corporate sponsors
IN:    Crowdsourcing

OUT:   Press releases
IN:    Vlogs

OUT:   Public relations
IN:    Personal relationships

OUT:   Promising
IN:    Delivering

OUT:   Outbound marketing
IN:    Inbound marketing

OUT:   Self-centered extroverts
IN:    Empathetic introverts

OUT:   Consumer
IN:    Partner

OUT:   “It’s about me.”

OUT:   Target market
IN:    Community

OUT:   Intelligentsia

OUT:   Commercial breaks
IN:    Commercial-free

OUT:   Powerful CEO
IN:    Power of SEO

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