Thursday, September 29, 2011

The gift of grab

Allow me to pummel you with the obvious. Successful PR campaigns are built on compelling stories. Stories that your target audience has just gotta retweet.

The Berkeley College Republicans are charging "whites" more for cupcakes than "blacks"? I am furious/delighted/hungry. I need to share this.

A bald-headed millionaire begs Obama to raise his taxes? I am enraged/thrilled/happy to see another bald white guy get his moment in the sun. I have to weigh in on this debate.

This isn't new. Spinmeisters have been generating buzz with creative gimmicks and staged events for decades. But what was once a creative option is now a crucial part of any serious communications strategy. It's not enough to talk to. You need to be talked about.

If you ain't grabbing, you're just gabbing.

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