Thursday, August 1, 2013

Walking the fine line between stupid and clever

During regular business hours, I am assistant (to the) managing partner at Doyle McDonald, a consulting firm that helps nonprofits figure out how to tell their stories online. (Check it out.) 

It's not a bad gig. I answer the phone, get Starbux for the team, and occasionally write blog posts. Sometimes my writing goes too far out on a particularly vulgar metaphoric limb. When that happens, Ms. McDonald (the managing partner to whom I report) edits the text so that it's a little bit closer to the tree of propriety.

I have always agreed with her judgment, and spiked the more controversial copy. Until now.

Recently, Ms. McDonald posted a great piece on the difference between a quest and a story. I wanted to enhance the post with what I thought was a hilarious graphic and caption that played off of her lead sentence, to wit "A couple of you wanted to know the difference between a quest and a story." She did not agree and vetoed the idea.

I begrudgingly deferred to her sense of decorum and the graphic was axed. But I just couldn’t let it go. So in service to you, dear reader, I am posting the banned graphic regardless of the consequences.

"And I want to know the difference
between a Quest and a Hadji."
You're welcome.

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