Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A heaping pile of Clapper

We all know that Director of National Intelligence James Clapper delivered his “least untruthful statement” when he lied to the US Senate about whether our blessed government spies on its own people. Well, now we have Clapper’s MOST untruthful statement, to wit:

“These documents released today [in response to friggin’ lawsuits!] are a testament to the government’s strong commitment to detecting, correcting, and reporting mistakes that occur in implementing technologically complex intelligence collection activities.”

I know Jimmy-boy is not the only government E. coli bacterium responsible for sickening 300 million Americans, but he is a pretty damn good personification of the poison that has infected our government. So the following isn’t just for you, Jim-Bob. It’s also for all the other NSA basement dwellers cyber-snooping through their ex-girlfriend’s e-mail and phone calls. (Pardon my French, folks, but …) Fuck you and anyone who looks like you.

Clap-off, you sanctimonious, right-out-of-central-casting prick.

(Apologies for the language, but as I waited the requisite 24 minutes before hitting send, the language just got saltier. So I figured I launch this before I really got upset.)

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