Friday, September 6, 2013

Welcome, Tunisia!

Hey, thanks for coming by, Tunisia. Really great to see you. You are officially the 73rd country to visit our humble abode.

Don't know if you stumbled upon this post yet, but we actually ran a piece some time back that featured your fearless, freedom-seeking people.

Listen, while you're here, you think we could chat for a second ... privately?

*Yeah, guys, we'll be right back. Just wanna show Tuni my motorcycle. He hasn't seen it yet.*

So, Tuni, what's with the jailing the rappers. I understand the rage. I really do. Some of that music is actually painful to listen to. And the lyrics? Forget about it! But in a free society--which you guys were sooo close to achieving--you gotta let people express themselves freely. Even the rappers.

So we're cool? Great. Come on inside and check out this amazing fresh-fruit platter I got from a vendor this morning.

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