Sunday, October 27, 2013

Is the "King of Medical Malpractice" also the "Archduke of Awful Advertising"? You decide.

If you subscribe to the pulp version of the Times, Journal or Post, do NOT throw out this weekend’s papers. There's a special advertising supplement—the 30th anniversary issue of Best Lawyers—that is destined to become a collector’s item. And unlike Playboy, this isn’t about the articles, it’s about the pictures.

Of the 23 group photos of law firm partners, 19 of them are what you would expect: the standard two white guys, one white or Asian woman, and one African American (either gender); the grey-haired, hypertensive old guy and his three chubby sons; and the five impeccably dressed, white-toothed, suntanned models, who couldn’t possibly be lawyers because how fair is that?

But the other four? That’s gold, Jerry. Gold!

Meet Jack Olender, “The King of Medical Malpractice,” his associates … and what appears to be a plastic fetus about to be tonged out of its plastic womb by Lesley Zork, “Nurse/Attorney.”

And as fascinating as the staging is, what makes the photo is the expressions of grave concern on the faces of Zork’s coworkers as she performs this delicate Barbie-dectomy. You can tell they really care.

There are three other shots (including a bonus fake fetus photo), but I don’t to wreck the surprise for you. Run and grab your own copy today!

Try the newspaper box … on the corner, over by the phone booth … and bring change. No, change! Quarters! No, there’s no app for that. You know what, forget it. Here, take mine.

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